Important notice
Your health is our biggest concern. Eventhough events under 200 attendees are not obliged to a CST (Covid Safe Ticket), The 5th Table will use the CST. You’ll need to wear a face mask when arriving at the entrance of the venue. Our event is a Covid Safe Event, so you’ll be asked to show your Covid Safe app or a negative pcr-test together with your ID. This is mandatory. 

Instructions and extra information

How to order your seat or table:

Seat(s) or table(s)

Select the number of seats or tables you would like order. Click on 'Checkout' and follow the procedure.
You can opt for online or offline payment. In either way, you will receive an invoice for your administration.


You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox right after your registration.
An invoice will be sent in the upcoming days.

Towards November 8th.

You will receive an email with instructions and links on how you can invite your guests in case you ordered a table. In case you ordered multiple seats, you will be able to enter the details of your guests during the registration process. Adapting names of your guests is possible.
We will also ask you (and your guests) if there are any allergies or intolerances that need to be taken into account. This information will only be used to provide you or your guests the necessary experience. All provided data will only be used by our staff to bring you and your guests the best experience. This data will be deleted right after the event, as documented in our privacy policy.

Covid-19 regulation

Depending on the sanitary regulation on November 8th, the current legislation is followed. At this moment it means that there are no restrictions. However, to keep it safe for all speakers and attendees, seats at the tables are limited to 6 people to keep social distancing possible.


If you have any questions or remarks, you can the organization via .

Order your table(s) or individual seat(s)

The 5th Table is supported by :

The 5th Table

The 5th Table and The 5th Conference are concepts of Duval Union Academy, in collaboration with its partners and advisory boards

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