The 5th Table on Health Tech, November theme:

Contributing to Global Health: from most advanced technology to applications in the field

COVID-19, Ebola, flesh-eating bacteria, HIV/AIDS, Zika and many other alarming diseases can give the misleading impression that these days, we are at a greater health risk than ever. Every year there are newly emerging pandemic threats that require a new approach to solving them.

Nevertheless, we are fortunate to live in a time when - thanks to scientific advances that have produced lifesaving vaccines and treatments - we can actually begin to imagine a world free of many life-threatening diseases.

It is appropriate to acknowledge the commitment of scientists around the globe who work tirelessly, often under difficult and dangerous circumstances, to solve the world's most pressing health problems.

Many advanced technologies are however too expensive and thus will have little effect on alleviating the health crisis for billions around the world for whom advanced high-tech healthcare is simply out of reach. ‘Only when the technology becomes simpler, you can really make an impact on global public health’ says dr. Paul Stoffels. But what does it take? And where does it all start?

In the session, Dr. Stoffels will tell about the path he has taken, and his realizations in the health care sector. He will go in debate with dr. Widdowson and dr. Van Belle on how different stakeholders can contribute to advance global health for all, via good education, training of professionals in the field, and excellent research.

Experts, panelists and moderator





Keynote session by Dr. Paul Stoffels


Panel debate,
Dr. Paul Stoffels, Elies Van Belle & Marc-Alain Widdowson
hosted by Francesca Vanthielen


Dinner & Intermezzo talks


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